Redrock Postgres Documentation
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Why Redrock Postgres?

PostgreSQL is an advanced relational database management system that supports an extended subset of the SQL standard, including transactions, foreign keys, subqueries, triggers, user-defined types and functions. In short, PostgreSQL has already gained a good reputation for data consistency, stability, high performance, feature rich and developer friendly.

Although PostgreSQL has performed well in most senarios, there are still some areas for improvement, and that’s exactly what Redrock Postgres has done to achieve:

Feature Customer benefits
Implement in-place updates by introducing undo logs and marking index records deleted, and reuse space immediately after a transaction commit that performs a delete or non-in-place update Make the applications perform UPDATE/DELETE operations more stably and improve the storage space utilization
Perform updates to related index columns without updating each index, reducing write amplification Improve storage IO utilization and extend the availability of storage devices
Marks index records with transaction status information SELECT operations based on index scans will perform more stably
The transaction ID is identified by using the undo transaction table record entry to solve the transaction ID wraparound issue The system does not need to trigger high-risk freeze operations periodically, leaving the system in a stable and predictable operating state all year round
Removed the dedicated autovacuum process to perform retail deletes Make your database system run more stable
Subtransactions implemented based on the undo record position You can confidently use the basic features of savepoints, and exception handling code blocks in stored procedures
Supports statement level atomicity, a transaction behavior compatible to those popular relational databases Reduce the risk of migrating to Postgres from other databases
Run on Windows using a multithreaded Postgres model You can easily deploy and run Postgres efficiently on Windows
Revolutionary network attached tablespace technology You can flexibly respond to the growth of business data volume through network attached tablespaces
Multi-tenant database Use the database’s multi-tenant capabilities to support your SaaS applications
Sophisticated event trigger mechanism Flexibly auditing, publishing and subscribing the DDL operations